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When there is ample material to make additional sheets, we (FLAS) photocopy the label and send the duplicates on to other institutions as exchange.  The only problem I see arising is that you may be sending material to an institution that already received it as exchange from the originating institution.  If there is a lot of such duplicate material in an exchange set, you could check with the originating institution or the next receiving institution so as not to overlap.  Else, the next institution might recognize it as a duplicate, hopefully before they mount it, and send it along again.


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   Dear all,

   I'm curator of the CESJ herbarium, and I've a question concerning
duplicates: in some instances we receive duplicates from other herbaria that are voluminous (e.g., with two big specimens that doesn't fit in just one sheet). In these cases, I think the best thing to do would be sending one of those specimens to other herbaria, but these specimens are not from CESJ. Is it advisable sending specimens to other herbaria that are not from our institution? And (if the answer to the first question is "yes"): how to manage this properly? (*e.g.*, what I'm supposed to do with the label? - making a copy of it for sending would be good?). Any clues are welcome.

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