[Taxacom] Monbiot editorial on academic publishing

Frederick W. Schueler bckcdb at istar.ca
Fri Sep 2 07:44:54 CDT 2011

An approach I haven't seen mentioned in this discussion is 
discipline-based online libraries of papers such as...

http://cnah.org/cnah_pdf.asp - Center for North American Herpetology PDF 
Library: 1324 titles available

"The CNAH, recognizing that the future of our profession is dependent on 
a blending of old technologies with new, has created the CNAH PDF 
Library. The library is searchable by author, year date, and title. 
Users can read and/or print a title using Adobe Acrobat Reader. This 
permits herpetologists to download and print only those titles that 
interest them. Titles added to this list will generally be those that 
deal with the North American (north of Mexico) herpetofauna; however, 
appropriate titles dealing with higher level taxonomy will be listed 
regardless of geographic coverage. CNAH is pleased to make available 
this academic service to herpetologists for the first time in the 
history of our profession."

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