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Tom Wendt twendt at mail.utexas.edu
Fri Sep 2 14:26:53 CDT 2011

Check out the GRIN Taxonomy web site at
Very useful; downloadable; follows APG3.

Tom Wendt

>Dear colleagues,
>In about twelve months, herbarium LD (Lund, Sweden) will move all its 
>c. 3 million specimens to new facilities. We have now decided to also 
>use this opportunity to completely resort our collections (which are 
>today ordered after various more or less outdated classifications). As 
>far as possible, the new organisation of the vascular plants will be 
>families in alphabetical order and genera in alphabetical order within 
>the families. As far as families are concerned, the APG III system is 
>the natural choice. However, to be able to implement APG III 
>consistently, we would need a list of all "accepted" genera, if 
>possible with some frequently used synonyms as well, included in each 
>of the families recognised by APG III. At present, we have compiled 
>such lists for some families from various sources, but we do not have 
>that kind of complete list that we would need to resort all of our 
>vast international collections. Could somebody advice me from where I 
>may obtain such a complete list of genera (preferably in the form of 
>an excel spreadsheet with names of genera in one column and the family 
>to which they belong in another)? Of course, we would prefer an 
>"authorative" list agreed upon by multiple systematist and/or allready 
>implemented in some major herbarium...
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>>  Torbjörn Tyler, Ph.D,
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>>  - Editor in Chief of Nordic Journal of Botany.
>>  - Deputy secretary of Lund Botanical Society, with special
>>  responsibility for Projekt Skånes Mossor.
>>  - Responsible for the project The Hieracia of Sweden.
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