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Hi,Tom, Phil here,

I know that Our Herb has switched to the APGIII order of things, right or worng. We had the confinence that APG's order might be close, if not exactly, the arrangement. We thught it close enough that we believed no huge exceptions occur in the future . No huge shuffles, in practilicality. We may be wrong or OK, to some degree that we kind of believe that the molecular botanists are on some kind of lasting trail. But who knows? 

We have embraced the molecular results, yet we may be terribly wrong. We arranged our collection to a place that is a combinaton of Molecular Thought , and added to it our own instincts 
about Botanical order. In reality. our system may or may not be correct. We have embraced it in our own preceptions. We believe that the old bunch ought to be not monophyletic. Our new order embraces the last version of APG III. Are we correct in doing so, who the hell knows.

So Tom, have you ever encountered a women's writing, Instinct versus Science vs. Instinct? If you are interested, I will send you her thoughts. on one item, she thinks there are fish Exist, despite the contrary

Best from me,
Phil, ARIZ

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Check out the GRIN Taxonomy web site at
Very useful; downloadable; follows APG3.

Tom Wendt

>Dear colleagues,
>In about twelve months, herbarium LD (Lund, Sweden) will move all its
>c. 3 million specimens to new facilities. We have now decided to also
>use this opportunity to completely resort our collections (which are
>today ordered after various more or less outdated classifications). As
>far as possible, the new organisation of the vascular plants will be
>families in alphabetical order and genera in alphabetical order within
>the families. As far as families are concerned, the APG III system is
>the natural choice. However, to be able to implement APG III
>consistently, we would need a list of all "accepted" genera, if
>possible with some frequently used synonyms as well, included in each
>of the families recognised by APG III. At present, we have compiled
>such lists for some families from various sources, but we do not have
>that kind of complete list that we would need to resort all of our
>vast international collections. Could somebody advice me from where I
>may obtain such a complete list of genera (preferably in the form of
>an excel spreadsheet with names of genera in one column and the family
>to which they belong in another)? Of course, we would prefer an
>"authorative" list agreed upon by multiple systematist and/or allready
>implemented in some major herbarium...
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