[Taxacom] Polynomial names in Botany

Lorenzo Gallo lorenzogallo1959 at hotmail.it
Thu Sep 8 04:46:11 CDT 2011

Dear all
I'm working on Carlo Allioni's (1728-1804) names of plants, published in 
some his little known floras not in appendix VI of the ICBN:

Stirpium praecipuarum littoris et Agri Nicaeensis [...] 1757

Fasciculus Stirpium Sardiniae in Diocesi Calaris lectarum... (1759)

Here the names are near all polynomials but intermingled there are some 
"casual" binomials (polynomials with only two words). How I must to 
treat this binomials ? Are in accord with ICBN rules ?

Many thanks
Lorenzo Gallo

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