[Taxacom] Electronic publications in Botany - changes done in Melbourne at IBC

Piero Delprete piero.delprete at ird.fr
Wed Sep 14 13:13:54 CDT 2011

Dear taxacomers,

the code will soon accept electronic publications starting from january 
2012. With this, I am concerned about two related things:

1. What will the rule and/or institution in charge of establishing the 
excact date of publication in electronic publications? If I send a message 
with a new species description to ten collegues and tell them to print it, 
will this count at valid publication?

2. The diagnosis will be accepted also in English. As many diagnoses are 
short species descriptions, does this mean that if the species description 
is English, a diagnosis will not be necessary?

Kindest Regards,

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On Wed, 14 Sep 2011 08:42:11 -0500
  "Carmen Ulloa" <carmen.ulloa at mobot.org> wrote:
> An important paper by Knapp, McNeill & Turland about electronic
>publication was published today in Phytokeys, Phytoneuron, etc.
> Various of us did simultaneous translations into other languages
>(Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese) and those will  be *only*
>published on the online version of Phytokeys.
> Please distribute this message and the link to your colleagues and
>distribution lists as widely as possible and especially to publishers
>so they are aware of the important changes taken effect on 1/1/2012.
> All papers published in PhytoKeys can be freely copied, downloaded,
>printed and distributed.
> http://www.pensoft.net/journals/phytokeys/issue/6/
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