[Taxacom] A small nomenclatural detail?

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In former versions of the Code (Art. 43) square brackets were used for a case where there was an invalid basionym. Anonymous aquatica Walt. is invalid. The correct name is Planera aquatica J.F. Gmel. And should not be cited as Planera aquatica (Walter) J.F. Gmel., but may be as Planera aquatica {Walter] J.F. Gmel. The use of "ex" is here out of order.

For some reason this very useful incidation was given a different meaning in 1978, (Rec. 50F) and disappeared altogether in the version of 1983.

Trivial persuit?


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I recently came across the following journal usage where square brackets were used instead of the more usual ( )-brackets.  Is there a suggested recommended format for this or is it just one of those independent actions by someone wanting to be different?

Prunus dulcis [Mill.] D.A. Webb

Thanks for your time.

John Steel.


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