[Taxacom] Teaching Species Names - Update

Jon Every jlrevery at gmail.com
Thu Sep 22 06:51:14 CDT 2011

A quick thank you to everyone who replied to 'Teaching Species Names A Quick
Straw Poll' Vol 65: Issue 30

There were 14 Plant Identification Workshops  this summer with 73 people
getting involved and testing three different methods to identify 30 wild
plants and on average learning to identify 18 (and a half) plants.

The 'fun' game-based methods (the card game and word association) proved to
be as effective as the traditionally used dichotomous key method of
identifying plants and we are in the process of preparing a paper to present
the results of the study and its implications.

ALSO, the OPAL project which supported the workshops has now made it through
to the finals of the National Lottery Awards in the Best Environment Project
Category. To win the award takes a few clicks at:

I will keep you posted with any further developments.

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