[Taxacom] Network for Neotropical Biogeography: Join now at http://nnb.myspecies.info

Alexandre Antonelli alexandre.antonelli at dpes.gu.se
Thu Sep 22 09:02:38 CDT 2011

The Network for Neotropical Biogeography (http://nnb.myspecies.info) was established during a symposium at the BioSystematics conference in Berlin (February 2011).

The primary goals of the NNB are:

	1) Promote scientific interaction

	2) Stimulate the exchange of material, students and researchers

	3) Increase inter-disciplinarity between different fields

	4) Discuss and plan joint projects and grant applications

	5) Stimulate collaborative field work and reciprocal help with field collection of research material

	6) Inform on upcoming events, recent papers and other relevant material

Join us today, membership is free and open to everyone interested!

Best wishes

Alexandre Antonelli, Toby Pennington, Colin Hughes, Isabel Sanmartin (among others)

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