[Taxacom] Non-taxonomic science (speed of light broken??)

Kenneth Kinman kennethkinman at webtv.net
Thu Sep 22 21:59:37 CDT 2011

Dear All,           
       In my last post, I was speaking of "squeaky wheels" getting the
grease.  Now suddenly I hear the mass media (even the evening news on
the major networks) all abuzz that the speed of light seems to have been
       Even ignoring the obvious mistake made by some of these "news"
organizations (speed of light at 186,000 miles per hour, instead of
miles per second), they seem to have no comprehension just how tiny the
difference is between the speed of light and the reported speed of these
     Anyway, the difference is so tiny, that it seems that the more
accurate question to be asked would be "have scientists perhaps
previously minutely miscalculated (underestimated) the speed of light?"
But of course, that would not make for much of a major news story.               
      If I were Shakespeare, I would tend to brand these results as:
Much Ado About "A Tiny Bit More Than" Nothing.  It reminds me of the
"squeaky wheels" of cold fusion (don't remember their names or even the
year of their supposed discovery).    
           ------Ken Kinman

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