[Taxacom] ZooBank Policy on free registration by authors for public review

Frank.Krell at dmns.org Frank.Krell at dmns.org
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This time we post a very short ZooBank Policy for public review that determines that registration of content in ZooBank by authors is free of charge. The policy is copied directly into the body of this mail. According to our procedures, we have to post it for public review for one month even if we do not expect it to be complicated or controversial. If the public review reveals that this policy is acceptable, we will propose it to the ICZN for ratification.

This policy is not any sort of business plan for ZooBank, but it will, if ratified, have to be considered by the business plan.

The policy will soon be posted at http://iczn.org/zoobank/policies, where comments can be posted. You can also send your comments to this listserver or to frank.krell at dmns.org<mailto:frank.krell at dmns.org> directly.

Please remember that the policy on substitute names is up for public review until 3 October. That policy is posted at http://iczn.org/content/zoobank-policy-002-substitute-names-draft-public-review-until-3-october-2011. You can post your comments there, to this list of to frank.krell at dmns.org<mailto:frank.krell at dmns.org>.

Thanks for your help with getting ZooBank right!

for the ZooBank Committee:
Frank Krell, Chair

ZooBank Policy
Title: Fees for ZooBank Registration by authors

Author(s): Frank-T. Krell
Status: DRAFT-V3, 24 September 2011
Effective Date:
Ratification Date:


This policy establishes free registration of any kind for authors.


Registration of content in ZooBank by authors is free of charge.




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