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Mon Sep 26 12:43:38 CDT 2011

The Barneby Legume Catalogue: Digital Monographs and Specimens. 


This project is funded in part by a grant from the National Science
Foundation <http://www.nsf.org/>  (DBI-0955567) to The New York
Botanical Garden (Jacquelyn Kallunki, P.I., and Benjamin Torke and
Melissa Tulig, Co-P.I.s).


The primary goal is to create a database and website for, in short, "The
Barneby Legume Catalogue"-a searchable on-line compendium of information
about the 2000+ species of the genera of Leguminosae monographed by
Rupert C. Barneby during five decades in residence at The New York
Botanical Garden.  The Catalogue will be a showcase for both the legume
collection at NYBG and for Barneby's exemplary encyclopedic monographs
of many species-rich leguminous groups.  


Rupert Barneby (1911-2000) stands apart for the size, scope, and
excellence of his publications and for the impact of his work on the
growth and curation of the legume collection in the NYBG Herbarium.
Barneby was undoubtedly one of the most productive taxonomists of the
20th century. His immense enthusiasm for plants, his classical literary
skills, his meticulous attention to detail and variation, his ability to
synthesize mountains of data into structured form, and his propensity to
bring lengthy studies to fruition were legendary.


At the end of the first year of the grant, the Catalogue contains about
64,300 specimen records and about 12,150 specimen images.  Cataloguing
of all specimens representing the genera treated in three of the
monographs has been completed.  These include over 24,000 specimens of
Astragalus (Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 13. 1964), 9000 of Dalea,
Psorothamnus, Marina, and Errazurizia (Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 27.
1976), and 4000 of Cojoba, Pithecellobium, and Zygia (Mem. New York Bot.
Gard. 74(2). 1997) and represent about 670 species.  The imaged
specimens comprise representative examples of each taxon and all that
bear sketches by Barneby or P. A. Rydberg.  


The records are available at NYBG's web site through a search of the
Barneby Legume Catalogue
(http://sweetgum.nybg.org/legumes/barneby/index.php) via its Specimens
page.  The specimen records are available also through the Global
Biodiversity Information Facility
(http://data.gbif.org/datasets/resource/8967/ ).


Users of the Catalogue website can download search results as a Google
Earth kml file or as a spreadsheet in comma-delimited format, such as
Excel, from which data can be imported into a wide variety of commonly
used specimen databases.  Upon request, large amounts of data too
cumbersome to download will be provided via ftp or CD.  It is also easy
to create a link to this Catalogue from other websites
(http://sciweb.nybg.org/science2/hcol/howtolink.asp).  Please direct any
questions or requests for all or any subset of these legume records to
jkallunki at nybg.org or mtulig at nybg.org.  


The Catalogue's website also provides a biographical sketch of Barneby,
a list of publications about him, a list of his published works, photos
pertaining to his life, an annotated list of the monographs covered by
this Catalogue, photos of specimen annotations handwritten by various
legume taxonomists, and a link to the Barneby Archives in NYBG's  Mertz



Jacquelyn Kallunki, Associate Director and Curator of the Herbarium 
New York Botanical Garden, 2900 Southern Blvd., Bronx, NY 10458-5126 
jkallunki at nybg.org, Tel. 718-817-8638, Fax 718-817-8809 


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