[Taxacom] BHL and print on demand publishers: defintion of "work"

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Copyright law goes back to the Berne convention from 1886 that the US
finally enacted in 1989. It has national flavors that are often scattered in
different parts of legislation, and court decision that interpret the law.
There are trained lawyers that deal with this issue. Because of that, and
some advantages of Swiss copyright legislation and access to legal advice, I
operate out of Switzerland. Where is your legal advice?

For me, the debate about copyright in our circles is like lawyers talking
about cryptic species, advanced DNA technologies to assess species
boundaries. I would not take them serious, and in fact it could be greatly
concerned, especially if it has to do with endangered species, invasives or
those of agricultural importance.

The discussion whether something should be in open access or not has nothing
to do with Swiss or US law. Open access cuts out all this endless debates.
It is closest to the mandate we get from our funding bodies, that we get
funds to produce scientific results that can be used for the welfare of
humankind. Sticking to  law that essentially was not made for the time of
the Internet seems very odd for scientist, in an age, where all the results
can be made universally accessible with few mouse clicks. And this is, what
I like and want. 


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On 4/2/2012 8:02 PM, Donat Agosti wrote:
> You are the American arguing about copyright and thus should use case 
> law to make your case. [...] I am operating from Switzerland.

So basically you have nothing to say to me about the law unless I were to
move to Switzerland. I'll keep that in mind as I evaluate your statements in
the future.

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