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at the risk of more excruciating detail, I don't see why a Fabricius (2012) 
publication is not possible! There are plenty of posthumous publications, so 
it is irrelevant that Fabricius is long gone. The premise is that Fabricius 
(2012) is based on a previously invalidly published work, so if it is now 
published validly, I see no problem at all...
Where does the Code require originality?


There IS a Fabricius (1938). Bryk reproduced an unpublished work of his 
then, and all names in it are attributed to Fabricius (1938), however they 
are either junior synonyms or homonyms.

Fabricius, J. C. 1938. In Bryk, Systema Glossatorum [Facsimile]. Im Anhang: 
K. Illiger: Die neueste Gattungs-Eintheilung der Schmetterlinge aus den 
Linneischen Gattungen Papilio un Sphinx. J. Chr. Fabricius: Rechenschaft an 
das Publicum ueber seine Classification der Glassaten. Pp. 13-112 in: 
Feller, Sammlung naturwissenschaftlicher Facsimile-Drucke. Neubrandenburg. 
Feller: xii, xii, 13-112, 277-289, 81-84.

I assume that such reproductions were regarded as validly published at that 
time, but currently would be considered not to be.


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