[Taxacom] 2nd Checklist Best Practice Guide for review

David Remsen [GBIF] dremsen at gbif.org
Tue Apr 17 05:21:00 CDT 2012

Dear Taxacomers,

There's a new GBIF text available for public review:  "Best Practice Guidelines in the Development and Maintenance of Regional Marine Species Checklists" by Claude Nozères, Leen Vandepitte, Ward Appeltans, and Mary Kennedy

You can find the text at http://community.gbif.org/pg/file/read/23156/

This is the second of two best practice guidelines focused on taxonomic checklists.  Where the focus of the first was on the development of national species lists, this guide focuses on specific considerations in the development of regional marine lists.  It covers the more general aspects regarding checklists for marine regions. It outlines the steps required to compile distribution notes, to set up a register and produce a marine taxonomic checklist, but also describes some of stumbling blocks that one might encounter along the way and offers suggestions on how to handle these issues.

We seek now input from the taxonomic community on the text, suggestions, identification of potential gaps, innacuracies, etc.

The public review period ends the 25th April 2012. The authors will consider all comments received and a final version will be released soon afterwards.

Please send your comments to dremsen at gbif.org.  Also please forward this message to any relevant contact or mailing list. Many thanks for your assistance.

David Remsen

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