[Taxacom] Seeking collaboration on illustrated biological dictionary/glossary for semantic mediawiki with ontological relations

Gerwin Kasperek sls2411 at ub.uni-frankfurt.de
Tue Apr 24 02:31:53 CDT 2012

Maybe one of the glossaries like "Phytography" or the illustrated  
glossary of the American Fern Society, listed here:

Most are copyrighted but not owned by commercial publishers, as far as  
I can see.


Dr. Gerwin Kasperek
Virtual Library of Biology

Quoting Gregor Hagedorn <g.m.hagedorn at gmail.com>:

> Within the context of the EU-funded ViBRANT project (vbrant.eu) we are
> exploring, together with GBIF, semantic mediawiki. The goal is to
> combine the ease of definition of biological terms in a
> Wikipedia-style, human-accessible, and possible richly illustrated
> manner with an RDF/OWL based ontology. Imagine it as a dedicated work
> with pages that can do everything that Wikipedia can (but with
> controlled access).
> We have resources and the technical foundation to bring such a
> glossary into a long-term digital publishing framework, but we are
> lacking a good content for a morphological or taxonomic example. We
> realize that most attractive illustrated taxon lists, dictionaries or
> glossaries are owned by major publishers. If you have created or point
> us to a quality illustrated glossary that the authors wish to be
> freely available, we appreciate your collaboration.
> The publication would technically be implemented on the
> biowikifarm.net, a community-run integrated hosting site biological
> wiki project that has a long-term stability gurantee backed by Munich
> SNSB and Berlin BGBM. The created glossary would thus be available and
> editable for the foreseeable future far beyond the project duration.
> If you are interested in a collaboration and wish to discuss this
> further, please contact us until the end of April.
> Many thanks!
> Gregor Hagedorn (JKI, Berlin), Yde de Jong (University of Amsterdam),
> Dag Endresen (GBIF Copenhagen)
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