[Taxacom] Celebrating Systematics: the 75th anniversary of the Systematics Assoication

Ross Mounce rcpm20 at bath.ac.uk
Wed Apr 25 10:01:20 CDT 2012

*** Event Announcement ***

Celebrating Systematics: the 75th anniversary of the Systematics Assoication

The Systematics Association is pleased to announce that a strictly limited number (<200) of tickets are available to purchase (£30 each) for a special evening event to be held at the Natural History Museum, London.

Venue: Flett Lecture Theatre and Flett Foyer    Date: 20th June 2012


* 17.00 - Launch of the 75th anniversary, Prof. Juliet Brodie (current President)
* 17.15 - Professor Stephen Blackmore, Regius Keeper of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, and Dr David Williams, Natural History Museum will present a history of the Systematics Association
* 17.45 - Posters and drinks reception
* 18.45 - Sir David Attenborough and Professor Richard Fortey in conversation.
* 19.15 - Announcement of the Attenborough Award for fieldwork
* 19.30 - Buffet

Tickets are sold on a first come, first serve basis, and for venue capacity reasons are strictly limited in number.

For further information see our website: http://systass.org/celebrate75/
or contact us at: celebrate75 at sytass.org

About the Systematics Association:

The Systematics Association was founded in May 1937 as the "Committee on Systematics in Relation to General Biology" to provide a forum for the discussion of the general theoretical and practical problems of taxonomy. An outline of the original objectives of the Association was published in Nature vol140 p163 http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/140163b0 The first of the Association`s publications, The New Systematics, edited by the late Sir Julian Huxley, focused on new data from cytogenics, ecology and other fields.

Since then the Association has pioneered discussion on many new developments in systematics and more than 50 Special Volumes have been published. These have included systematic surveys of groups as diverse as haptophyte algae, tetrapods, lichens, free-living flagellates and haematophagous insects. Other volumes have explored fields such as phylogenetic reconstruction, systematics and conservation, genome evolution and the emergence of the biosphere. The Association also publishes books derived from training courses and on general aspects of systematics, as well as funding opportunities such as the SynTax (Systematics & Taxonomy) research award.

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Ross Mounce
Panton Fellow & Systematics Association Council Member
Fossils, Phylogeny and Macroevolution Research Group
University of Bath
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