[Taxacom] The rules and DNA

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The Botanical Code requires for a new taxon that a diagnosis or description must be given for a name to be valid.

32.2. A diagnosis of a taxon is a statement of that which in the opinion of its author distinguishes the taxon from other taxa.

However, in the Vienna II Code (2006) some restrictions were imposed:

32.3. The requirements of Art. 32.1(d) are not met by statements describing properties such as purely aesthetic features, economic, medicinal or culinary usage, cultural significance, cultivation techniques, geographical origin, or geological age.

“such as” --- If I remember well, the intention of this Article was that one or more morphological characters had to be given. Therefore giving merely molecular sequences would be invalid as well.

A diagnosis may now be given in Latin or in English. Thus the argument that Latin would require a new vocabulary is a non-issue. If one can produce an English diagnosis, Latin is pliable enough to cope with that if you really try. Just think, how can Vatican encyclics (in Latin!) be written dealing with current issues if it wasn’t?

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There is some misapprehension that changes in the Botanical Rules now allow description of species solely with DNA data. Check this: 


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