[Taxacom] The rules and DNA

David Campbell pleuronaia at gmail.com
Fri Apr 27 16:42:33 CDT 2012

>> There is some misapprehension that changes in the Botanical Rules now
>> allow description of species solely with DNA data. Check this:

There exist descriptions of new animal taxa based solely on molecular
evidence, e.g.,
(Cryptocercus, wood cockroaches)


Meier-Brook C. & Bargues M. D. (2002) "Catascopia, a new genus for
three nearctic and one palaearctic stagnicoline species (Gastropoda:
Lymnaeidae)". Folia Malacologica 10(2): 83–84

Ironically, Catascopia is an objective synonym of Walterlymnaea, which
was based on morphological features (as percevied by splitters).

Whether these taxa are satisfactorily differentiated may be debatable,
but I believe that they are legal.  (Having worked on the Lymnaeidae,
I believe that the group in question for Catascopia is worthy of
recognition, and there are valid anatomical features, but there are a
few older genus names already available based on other type species.)

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