[Taxacom] Alle alle, or Alle alle alle?

Richard HARDWICK rch at skynet.be
Wed Aug 15 14:22:57 CDT 2012

                                   Bruxelles, le 15-08-2012
    Dear  TAXACOMers

    I do occasional translations (French -> English) for our  local 

    Up till now I've been using <<La Liste des Oiseaux du Paléarctique 
    as my authority for translating bird names from French to Scientific,
    and Scientific to  English. .
    Thus .this url says that
       "Mergule nain" (FR) = "Alle alle"  =  "Little Auk".(ENG)
   (I think "Alle alle" should read "Alle alle (L.)" )

    An alternative authority for translating French to Scientific, would be
    <<La Liste des oiseaux observés en Belgique>>
    This url goes to the sub-species level for 315 of the 436 birds listed.

    But for 228 of those 315 subspecies, the  name of the 'subspecies'
    is the same as  the name of the species  .
    Thus the Belgian "Mergule nain" =  "Alle alle alle".

    The full list of 228 goes like this
        "Accipiter   gentilis gentilis"
        "Accipiter   nisus nisus"
        "Acrocephalus   arundinaceus arundinaceus"
                ...  ... ...
        "Vireo   olivaceus olivaceus"
        "Zoothera   sibirica sibirica"
    Authorities are not given for any of the above .

    Question - to be taxonomically correct, in a text about Belgian birds,
    ought I to be quoting the binomial  (as per the first list); or the
     trinomial name (as per the second list)?

    The repeated ssp doesnt seem to add much - but I'm a botanist, not an
    ornithological taxonomist.

    Richard H.

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