[Taxacom] Small Ericaceae? shrub from California for ID

Dr Gurcharan Singh singhg at sify.com
Thu Aug 16 21:17:48 CDT 2012

Dear members
Seeking identification of a small evergreen cultivated shrub in Sunnyvale
California, about 60 cm tall, which looked like a Daphne sp, but had 8
stamens and fruit a capsule splitting along 4 sutures. The key  from
Bailey, Manual of cultivated Plants leads me to Ericaceae, but not able to
identify further. Pl. help in ID.

Small evergreen shrub barely 80 cm, leaves opposite, oblong-orbicular,
green above, white-tomentose beneath, 8-15 mm long; flowers creamy-white,
singly (or up to 3) on tips of short lateral branches; calyx 3-4 mm long,
saucer shaped with minute lobes; corolla 12-18 mm long, tubular, split
1/3-1/4 with ovate spreading lobes; stamens 8, slightly exserted, free from
corolla; style very short; fruit a capsule splitting along 4 sutures.



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