[Taxacom] Type material of Carex leporina var. capitata

Jacob Koopman jackoopman at e-cho.pl
Fri Aug 17 03:25:58 CDT 2012

Dear all,


I wonder if somebody could help me to find the type material of “Carex
leporina var. capitata Sonder 1850. Fl. Hamburg.: 489.” Otto Wilhelm Sonder
was a German who lived in Hamburg. So first I tried the Herbarium
Hamburgense from the University of Hamburg. Unfortunately they don’t possess
this type material. Bu the kind curator could tell me that Sonder gave the
bulk of his herbarium including most of his own collections from Hamburg to
the Melbourne herbarium where his friend Ferdinand von Müller was working.
So I tried Melbourne. Here the very helpful curator told me that it was MEL
(National Herbarium of Victoria) and not MELU (University of Melbourne) were
Ferdinand von Müller worked. MELU had already forwarded my mail. But MEL
replied that they have not got this type material either. So actually I
don’t know where to find it.


Another point of course is if there isn’t anything like a central
knowledge/administration of “all” type material. Quite a job to gather all
that information of course, but at least for one genus, Carex, it must be
possible to do so. I would be willing to co-ordinate such a task, but it
depends of course whether the Herbaria of the world do send me their
information on Carex types. I’m looking forward to your replies.







Jac. Koopman



Author of: Carex Europaea, volume 1:



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