[Taxacom] Archiving email as text

Robert Mesibov mesibov at southcom.com.au
Fri Aug 17 18:39:18 CDT 2012

Richard Zander wrote:

"I've tried to keep copies of my correspondence but it is just too tedious to save an email as a text file with info on who it was sent to... If there were software that allowed one to archive an email (coming or going) by pressing an "Archive this" key or icon, this would be a boon to the history of science."

I do just this, as explained here:


If you use a Mac there are probably equivalent commands to the ones I use in Linux. Having left the Windows world years ago, I can't advise on how you would do this easily on a Windows machine, but it probably wouldn't be a lot of work for a Windows developer to write that software. <advertisement>It's just a lot easier under Linux </advertisement>.

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