[Taxacom] Dealing with database errors

David Campbell pleuronaia at gmail.com
Fri Aug 24 11:03:07 CDT 2012

Does anyone happen to know a good way to track down and correct the
source of an error appearing, without documentation, across multiple
taxonomic databases?

"Ens" is not a genus of Lymnaeidae (Gastropoda).  One database seemed
to attribute it to Pilsbry, 1911, which suggests that it is a
computer-generated error for Pectinidens, a valid name in Lymnaeidae.

In general, chasing down a "contact us" link in the existing databases
is not very easy.  Not that they should accept any suggested change
that comes along, either, but making it easy to alert about a problem
would greatly facilitate improvement.

Dr. David Campbell
Visiting Professor
Department of Natural Sciences
Gardner-Webb University
Boiling Springs NC 28017

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