[Taxacom] Database developer, scientific collections

Robert Guralnick Robert.Guralnick at colorado.edu
Thu Aug 30 10:16:47 CDT 2012

Dear Taxacom ---

If you know anyone suitable, pass along this job ad!

Summary: Find a unique niche that splits the middle between
biodiversity scientists working to share knowledge about the
biological world and a development team with a strong focus on agile
development to bring that knowledge to the web in new ways.  We are a
collaborative team of programmers, informaticians and domain
scientists in the realm of biodiversity and conservation working
together on a National Science Foundation funded project called
Biological Science Collections Tracker (BiSciCol - pronounded
“bicycle”; more about us here: http://biscicol.blogspot.com/).   The
goal of BiSciCol is to use semantic web approaches to develop an
infrastructure for tagging and tracking scientific collections and all
of their derivatives.  In order for BiSciCol to fulfill its mission,
scientific collections data and downstream data products such as
sequences, genomes, images, etc. need to be brought into a semantic
web framework, which presents a set of technological and social
challenges.  The BiSciCol project is recruiting a semantic web and
database developer with working knowledge of global unique
identifiers, and their implementation within and across databases and
data aggregators.

More about the position and application process here: http://t.co/C7dvQX9g

Best regards, Rob Guralnick

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