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Dear Taxacomers,

I am trying to place the (plant) genus Clytostomanthus Pichon, 1946 (Bignoniaceae: 1 species, S. America, originally described as Anemopaegma decorum) in a "preferred" taxonomic status in my present management hierarchy (for all life) and have a few options:

- GRIN taxonomy lists it as syn. of Anemopaegma (also, with a variant spelling, as syn. of Clytostoma)
- Hauk, Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden  Vol. 84, No. 4, 1997 and Mabberley, 2008 have it as syn. of Cydista
- The Plant List has it as a syn. of Bignonia
- it is treated as an accepted taxon in Willis, 8th ed. and TROPICOS.

Any ideas which source would be appropriate to use as a "preferred treatment" at this time?

Regards - Tony

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