[Taxacom] Molecular panbiogeography and Biogeography of the Canaries

John Grehan calabar.john at gmail.com
Sat Dec 29 15:25:17 CST 2012

For those interested (and as a pre-New Year present from me),

Peter J. James review of Heads' Molecular panbiogeography of the tropics in
the Journal of the Linnean Society 108, 236-239 may be obtained at

The author concludes by saying that this book is a ‘. . . grand and
memorable work, which will last for years as the foundation of all future
treatises’. Regardless on where one may stand on molecular dispersalism,
readers may find this a thought provoking commentary on the issues at hand.

Also, a pdf copy of Croizat's 1965 treatise (often overlooked) on the
biogeography of the Canary Islands may be obtained at
http://johngrehan.net/index.php/panbiogeography/croizat-publications. I
hope to complete an English translation in due course.

John Grehan

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