[Taxacom] No more whinging and whining?

Curtis Clark lists at curtisclark.org
Wed Feb 1 10:00:38 CST 2012

On 2/1/2012 6:05 AM, John Grehan wrote:
> Perhaps it's too much to hope for, but for those who are stuck in the
> past with complaints about the readability of Croizat's panbiogeography
> this can no longer be used as an excuse for ignorance. Molecular
> Panbiogeography of the Tropics is now published (Michael Heads,
> University of California Press, Berkeley).

Inasmuch as Michael is by far the most eloquent explicator of 
panbiogeography on this list, I'll certainly want to check it out 
(literally, if my library will buy it).

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