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Christopher Carlton ccarlt at lsu.edu
Tue Feb 7 17:49:31 CST 2012

Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS) Graduate Course: Diversity and Systematics of Coleoptera (Beetles)
When: June 6-19, 2012
Where: LaSelva Biological Station and Veragua Rainforest Research Park, Costa Rica
Instructors: Christopher Carlton, Victoria Bayless (Louisiana State Arthropod Museum) and Richard Leschen (Landcare Research, New Zealand)
Details: http://ots.ac.cr/images/downloads/education/graduate/specialty-courses/diversity-systematics-coleoptera.pdf
This two-week course is oriented toward graduate students interested in intensive training in the collection, identification and inquiry-based research dealing with Coleoptera. Emphasis of the field component will be Neotropical species diversity, as revealed by a wide array of collecting techniques. A lecture series will cover systematics of the order. Students will come away with a better understanding of morphological characters necessary for identification and phylogenetic reconstruction, and new ideas for designing their own beetle diversity research projects. For more information about the Organization for Tropical Studies, visit the OTS Website at http://ots.ac.cr/

Application Deadline: until filled (max enrollment 15)
Questions: e-mail Victoria Bayless, Curator, Louisiana State Arthropod Museum: vbayless at agcenter.lsu.edu

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