[Taxacom] mycolic acids (was Three Domains)

Kenneth Kinman kennethkinman at webtv.net
Fri Feb 10 12:38:31 CST 2012

Hi Brian,
       Thanks for the citations and weblinks.  It looks like I will have
to put these particular "Actinobacterial" taxa into a transitional group
which I label as "Paraposibacteria" in my notes.  It contains a bunch of
small oddball taxa (such as Fusobacteria) which probably form a
transition between the vast majority of gram-negatives on one side and
the vast majority of gram-positives (incl. Archaebacteria) on the other.      

      I already have Actinobacteria splitting off first on the upper
(gram-positive) side of my tree, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised
that these mycolate diderms exist.  Anyway, I really need to catch up on
the recent bacterial literature, and I guess this weekend is as good a
time as any.  :-)
P.S.  I still see no reason to abandon Cavalier-Smith's Negibacteria
(diderm)-first hypothesis at the present time.  But then again, maybe
some of Gupta's recent papers in particular will have me looking again
at the Unibacteria (monoderm)-first hypothesis.  Whichever direction it
went, these oddball taxa (which I like to call "Paraposibacteria")
appear to be important transitional forms.   

B.J.Tindall wrote:
Disclosure of the mycobacterial outer membrane: Cryo-electron
tomography and vitreous sections reveal the lipid bilayer structure 
Mycobacterial outer membranes: in search of proteins 
Direct Visualization of the Outer Membrane of Mycobacteria and
Corynebacteria in Their Native State 
Biochemical Disclosure of the Mycolate Outer Membrane of Corynebacterium
I regret that some of these links may not be open access. 

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