[Taxacom] Cavalier-Smith, 2010 on the Three Domains, paraphyly, etc.

Kenneth Kinman kennethkinman at webtv.net
Sun Feb 12 21:27:44 CST 2012

Dear All,
       I was just reading a relatively recent paper by Cavalier-Smith
(2010).  He argues (more eloquently than I ever could) against the
excessive dogmatism of Hennig (and by extension his followers, who I
call "strict cladists").  He also criticizes Woese et al. in a section
called "The three-domain view of life is flawed". 

      It is excellent reading (a weblink to the paper is given below).
I should also note that a paper which he published in 2006 has
considerably expanded his Phylum Eurybacteria (originally proposed in
1998 for a smaller grouping), so much so that it is now almost as
inclusive as what I have always labelled as "Paraposibacteria".
Whatever you want to call the taxon, he clearly regards it (as I do) as
transitional between diderms and monoderms.  He also argues quite
convincingly that the transition was from diderms (Negibacteria) to more
derived monoderms (Unibacteria, including Archaebacteria), not the other
way around.        
             ---------Ken Kinman 


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