[Taxacom] EOL Announces Open Access Support Project with Pensoft Publishers

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Great news

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Dear Colleagues,



We are pleased to announce a new collaboration with Pensoft Publishers<http://www.pensoft.net/index.php>that will increase the flow of new species descriptions from scientists in developing countries into the Encyclopedia of Life and promote the open access publishing model in taxonomy.****

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Many of Pensoft's journals, including the International Journal of Myriapodology <http://www.pensoft.net/journals/ijm> (centipedes and millipedes), MycoKeys <http://www.pensoft.net/journals/mycokeys>(mycology),
PhytoKeys <http://www.pensoft.net/journals/phytokeys> (botany), and
ZooKeys<http://www.pensoft.net/journals/zookeys>(zoology) will participate in the new EOL Open Access Support Project (EOASP).  The initiative will provide funding to support independent taxonomists and taxonomists living in developing countries to publish their results in Pensoft's four quality journals with open access principles.****

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Any new species description published in one of the journals leads to the automatic creation of a new page in EOL. If a paper re-describes a poorly described species, that information will also appear on an EOL page.****

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During the manuscript submission process, the authors will have the opportunity to request financial support between 200 and 400 USD per paper, which covers the open access fee for 10 to 20 printed pages. The support for larger papers (e.g., monographs) will be limited to the same maximum of
400 USD; authors should meet the remaining costs themselves.****

** **

The EOASP initiative promotes the open access publishing model in taxonomy among researchers, students, citizen scientists, and general public and will support and educate the next generation of taxonomists in open science principles. EOASP also aims to motivate publishers to modernize their publishing models and workflows to fit the changing needs of scientists and researchers around the world.****

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Please visit Pensoft's page <http://www.pensoft.net/page.php?P=29> to learn more about the eligibility criteria for manuscripts, authors and journals. *

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For more information about joining the EOASP initiative either as a funder or a publisher, please feel free to contact me.**

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*Please share this announcement with colleagues who may be interested.*  It is also posted online - http://eol.org/info/press_releases/info/feb_10 ****

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Best wishes,**

Cyndy Parr

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