[Taxacom] Parasitic wasps from Viscum album

P├ęter Poczai peter.poczai at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 15:47:13 CST 2012

Dear Taxacomers,

Can somebody help us to identify these parasitic wasp at species level?

We collected these creatures from European mistletoe (Viscum album) - I
guess the host tree was poplar (Populus sp) - together with many other
interesting species by beating the branches during the last summer season.
However, we found some interesting cavities with larvae inside the
mistletoe twigs what we have preserved for rearing. We expected to have a
bark beetle inside the rearing cage but found these parasitic wasps a few
weeks later.

It's hard to identify them correctly, because there are so many of them,
but I have attached a few pictures. Here is the link:


We made it down to superfamily level. We guess we got 2 species of Ichneumon
wasp (Ichneumonoidea) and one species of chalcid wasp (Chalcidoidea).

I hope this helps to get even a clue. I have just a few specimens only 1-3
of each species which might make it a bit more difficult to identify them
correctly. I can send them to anyone who would have the time to make the
identification for us.

All the best, PP

Peter Poczai, PhD
Plant Biology (Biocenter 3), UNIV. HELSINKI
PO Pox 65, FIN-00014, Helsinki

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