[Taxacom] Systema Dipterorum = closed

Chris Thompson xelaalex at cox.net
Thu Feb 16 21:25:10 CST 2012

Yes, Jeff,

The Systema Dipterorum is down and will remain so. Apparently a database of 
fly names, despite the fact that flies represents more than 10% of the 
World's biodiversity and are a critical component of many human 
interactions, etc., is irrelevant to the powers to be at the Smithsonian 
(increase and diffusion of Knowledge, but not about flies!)

The Smithsonian has refused to renew my association* with them and I am now 
forced to leave. So ...

They, mainly, Jon Coddington (coddingtonj at si.edu) and Bob Robbins 
(robbinsb at si.edu) feel I serve no useful purpose.

So, you should complain to them,



from home

*Once, back in 1996, I put up some example species pages online at the 
Smithsonian and also an example of digitalized literature, from which 
eventually arose the Encyclopedia of Life (via the All-Species foundation) 
and the Biodiversity of Heritage Library programs. But today "old dogs" are 
an embarrassment to current administration.

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Hi Chris,

What is up with the Nomenclator? We used it all day but now it is
down, apparently for good. I have been getting messages asking what is
up. The community has come to depend on this.


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