[Taxacom] Systema Dipterorum = closed down

Stephen Thorpe stephen_thorpe at yahoo.co.nz
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well, to be brutally unsympathetic (for the sake of argument), this indicates why it is not a good idea to have databases which are subject to individual's control, because such databases can be taken down at the whim of the controller, such as for political leverage if they are having problems with an institution (i.e bring me back, or I'll take it down!), or at the whim of an institution whose main focus lies elsewhere ... still, Chris, you can always move over to Wikispecies and resume your work right away ...

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Subject: [Taxacom] Systema Dipterorum = closed down

Whether any one care or not,

the Systema Dipterorum  (www.diptera.org) online database to names of flies 
has been closed down.

This database which has had various names over the years as I have migrated 
from different jobs but never really has been supported to provide 
information about fly names is finally being retired as I have been kicked 
out by Bob Robinson of Smithsonian of my last home after almost a half 
century of what I thought was a useful and productive association.

However, this has a positive aspect. Clearly the Smithsonian has decided 
Diptera names and associated information has no value to the public. Whether 
that is true or not now can be determined. So, if you feel Systema 
Dipterorum was useful, complain! The key players are Jon Coddington 
(coddingtonj at si.edu) and Bob Robinson (robinsonb at si.edu).



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