[Taxacom] UCF Bug Closet Website Open!

stuartf at knights.ucf.edu stuartf at knights.ucf.edu
Fri Feb 17 06:05:33 CST 2012

> Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2012 10:33:41 -0500
> From: entomos at gmail.com
> Subject: UCF Bug Closet Website Open!
> Dear all,
> I am happy to announce that we have launched a new website for the Bug
> Closet: http://bugcloset.cos.ucf.edu/. In September 2010, we dedicated
> the collection in honor of its founder and renamed it "The Stuart M.
> Fullerton Collection of Arthropods at the University of Central
> Florida." We continue to call it the Bug Closet and the formal
> collection codon is UCFC.
> We are the largest and the most comprehensive collection of Central
> Florida insects, with a heavy emphasis in Hymenoptera and Coleoptera.
> We have more than 440,000 specimens, all of which are specimen-level
> databased. The database, which is in a FileMaker format, is currently
> available through the website, and we plan to upgrade it to a platform
> that enables us to share our data in a darwin core format in near
> future.
> We plan to update our website periodically and add more contents. For
> those of you who have been wondering what happened to the Bug Closet,
> we are very much alive and well, doing our best in documenting
> biodiversity in our corner of the planet.
> Best wishes,
> Hojun Song
> Curator of UCFC
> =======================================
> Hojun Song, Ph.D.
> Assistant Professor
> Curator of UCF Collection of Arthropods
> Department of Biology
> University of Central Florida
> 4000 Central Florida Blvd.
> Orlando, FL 32816-2368
> Email) song at ucf.edu
> Office) 407-823-0675
> Fax) 407-823-5769
> Lab Website) schistocerca.org/SongLab
> Publications) publicationslist.org/hojun.song
> =======================================

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