[Taxacom] EOL Phylogenetic Tree challenge

Cynthia Parr parrc at si.edu
Tue Feb 21 07:23:32 CST 2012

We are pleased to announce the EOL Phylogenetic Tree Challenge

Encyclopedia of Life (http://www.eol.org) wishes to give its users
phylogenetically-informed ways to browse and retrieve information from
its pages.  A prize (sponsored travel to the iEvoBio 2012 meeting
http://www.ievobio.org) is offered to the individual or team that can
provide a very large, phylogenetically-organized set(s) of scientific
names suitable for ingestion into the Encyclopedia of Life as an
alternate browsing hierarchy.

This challenge has two core purposes:

-- It provides a testbed for the Evolutionary Informatics community to
develop robust methods for producing, serving, and evaluating large,
biologically meaningful trees that will be useful both to the research
community and to broader audiences.

-- It enables the Encyclopedia of Life to organize the information it
aggregates according to phylogenetic relationships; in other words, it
provides a direct pipeline from research results to practical use.

 A second iEvoBio attendance prize is offered by the Global Names
project (http://www.globalnames.org).

The submission period begins 20 February 2012. Final
submissions are due by 15 April 2012.  Submission instructions and
detailed information about the challenge and eligibility are available
at http://www.eol.org/info/tree_challenge.

To ask questions or discuss this challenge, please join the
Phylogenetic Tree Challenge community (http://eol.org/communities/98/)
on Encyclopedia of Life and post your comment to the newsfeed.


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