[Taxacom] variants of taxon author names

Richard Pyle deepreef at bishopmuseum.org
Wed Feb 22 16:43:06 CST 2012

> I guess this is one area where we differ. Few tasks seem
> more likely to yield constant squabbling and endless
> discussion than trying to match vocabularies in different
> domains

I certainly agree!  But that doesn't change the fact that we are here, and
we want to be there, and even though it *seems* like it should be easy to
get from here to there, we haven't really done so yet (except for various
demonstration projects on subsets of content).

> I don't see this as a necessary precursor to getting the links in place.

I agree -- probably not necessary.  What remains unclear to me, though, if
it's more or less efficient to got hat path.

> The web wasn't built by people arguing about shared
> vocabularies, or by people who insisted on typed links,
> it was built by people who simply made the links and
> let the web figure it out.

That's pretty much the same point I was trying to make.

> Without the links we are simply creating silos.


> I'm increasingly of the view that it's not the data that matters, it's the
network of links.



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