[Taxacom] Scarabaeidae of Western Kenya

Fabian Haas fhaas at icipe.org
Thu Feb 23 02:12:43 CST 2012

Dear All,

for an agricultural project in Western Kenya (Kisumu, Kakamega Area) we 
are examining pest-Scarabaeidae (adults and larvae) in this area.

I havent found a full Scarabaeid Fauna for the region, I know one for a 
area in Laikipia, and information on Kakamega Forest e.g. but would 
there be a species list focusing on pest Scarabaeidae in this area, 
hopefully with some ID key. Even if incomplete that would be helpful, 
and a good starting point.

My second question is how to collect these species most efficiently. 
Scrubs need to be dug up, obviously, and we use UV lights running over 
the whole night to catch flying insects. That attracts many moths, and 
sausage flies and some beetle, however in order to be more on the point, 
would there be a more specific method to collect (pest) Scarabs?

Thanks a lot & Best


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