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Frank.Krell at dmns.org Frank.Krell at dmns.org
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"Frank, as Richard points out, what you call "common language" is not common at all in botany. The dependent parts of taxon names, meaning strings which are meaningless in themselves unless paired with the name of the parent taxon, are epithets."

Yes, that's about what I said. Kim wanted to call the specific epithet (botany) or the specific name (zoology) "species name". This is what I opposed. The species name is a binomen in both the codes AND in common language.

The only difference here between botanists and zoologists is that the former call the second part of a binomen specific epithet, the zoologists call it specific name.

I don't see a big problem in that difference. Also, people should be able to distinguish between the words speCIES name and speCIFIC name in zoology. I am pretty convinced that, if they care, they are able to do so.


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