[Taxacom] Italian workshop on phylogenetic and comparative methods

Francesco Santini santini at eeb.ucla.edu
Mon Feb 27 22:41:19 CST 2012

I am pleased to announce that the fourth edition of the *Italian 
workshop on phylogenetic and comparative methods* will take place from 
May 14th-18th at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. The 
workshop will introduce participants to some of the main methods of 
phylogenetic inference, the use of phylogenetic trees in comparative 
studies, and some of the main computer programs currently available. The 
workshop will consist in lectures and software demonstrations, and is 
open to anybody with an interest in phylogenetics and comparative 
biology. Some previous experience with phylogenetic methods is recommended.

The workshop registration fee is 115 euro for undergraduate students; 
165 euros for graduate students (master or PhD programs) and postdocs
and 230 euros for senior scientists. The fee includes the annual 
membership to the Societa' Italiana di Biologia Evolutionistica -Italian 
Society for Evolutionary Biology (SIBE), one of the sponsors of the 
workshop. Ten awards of 115 euros each will be available to subsidize 
the registration fee for students and postdocs (see instruction on 
workshop website). Enrollment in the workshop will be limited to 25 

For any question regarding the workshop please contact Francesco  
Santini at *phylogenyworkshop1 [at] gmail.com* or consult the
workshop website:

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