[Taxacom] Happy times for incompetent taxonomists

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The list of vanity press open access publishers is valuable, because we
all do get pestered by venal "publishers" from North Elbonia. 

On the other hand, the inclusion of In Tech is perhaps overly damning.
for some of the "discussion" cited in the 

I got a notice from In Tech inviting me to contribute a chapter in a
book on species concepts revisited. I looked at the list of authors
already signed up and they were impressive (at least I knew most of them
via their reputations) including one noted taxacommer. The Russian
scientist who was responsible for the book as scientific editor (and
also would have a chapter of his own for free to him) had a good rep
from what I could find on the Web. The cost for publication was 640
euros, not peanuts but a lot cheaper than some open access journals that
charge thousands. 

The In Tech outfit says they have in-house editors that pass on the
quality of one's preliminary proposal, so yes to that extent it is a
vanity press. On the other hand, (1) the scientist editor has input into
who gets to publish, (2) anyone can publish his own book on Google for
free as a vanity book, (3) given the known reputation of the
contributing scientists this would be a fine book to associate oneself
with, and (4) lots of well-reviewed journal articles I've read recently

So I think I'll send chapter proposal in. The world really needs my
chapter on The Macroevolutionary Species Concept.

A recent review I just got of another, different paper I submitted a
couple months ago to a "regular" journal was apparently written by an
enraged demon pounding a bespittled keyboard with its talons and blood
streaming from its eyes. I would rather pay 640 euros while I have the
chance than stir up the nestlings of Baphomet with this one.

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Why self-publish when you can pay one of these prestige publishers?

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