[Taxacom] Homonymous synonyms / cosmic order

Richard Petit r.e.petit at att.net
Mon Jun 4 08:35:49 CDT 2012

There are a number of ways in which homonym/synonyms can be created. One interesting case is that of a Paleogene fauna described by Alekseyev who died before his paper could be published. His material was later studied by Ovechkin who published on the fauna in 1954 and obviously picked up names from labels on the specimens.  The same fauna was again studied by Il'ina who published in 1955, also using the same labeled material. In 1963 someone decided to publish Alekseyev's manuscript. As a result we have, for one example:

Cancellaria ornata Ovechkin, 1954
Admete ornata Il'ina, 1955
Cancellaria ornata Alekseyev, 1963

All are synonyms and the first and last are, of course, also homonyms.  As all are independently produced available names, Admete ornata Il'ina becomes the valid name as Cancellaria ornata is preoccupied by Deshayes, 1864.

Ovechkin and Il'ina did not use Ovechkin's names for all of the species they described.

dick p. 

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