[Taxacom] Survey: What Percentage of Plant Species Are Woody?

David Tank dtank at uidaho.edu
Mon Jun 4 12:39:17 CDT 2012

Woody versus herbaceous is one of the major axes of life history variation in plants. We sought to find the answer to the seemingly simple question: what percentage of plant species in the world are woody? We asked a small group of botanists this question and got an extraordinarily wide variety of answers. In addition to tallying up the species numbers, our NESCent working group ("Tempo and Mode of Plant Trait Evolution") thought it would be interesting to survey biology-types to see if a general consensus answer exists. Please take a couple of seconds to fill out our questionnaire. Answer coming out soon in a journal near you.

Our questionnaire is here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dDBDOXpUeGpXSWJESmV0TjNrWHFEMUE6MQ

Thanks and best,

David C. Tank
Assistant Professor & Director, Stillinger Herbarium
University of Idaho
dtank at uidaho.edu

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