[Taxacom] Homonymous synonyms / cosmic order

Paul van Rijckevorsel dipteryx at freeler.nl
Tue Jun 5 02:32:43 CDT 2012

From: "Neal Evenhuis" <neale at bishopmuseum.org>
Sent: Monday, June 04, 2012 11:55 PM
> How do the botanists deal with this? It surely is not a zoological 
> phenomenon.

Botanically this is not an issue. For any given type, any one
text string (or close variation of it) can be used only once as
a name (first come, first served). Of course the botanical
nomenclatural universe is not only cleaner inside but also
crisper than the much fuzzier zoological nomenclatural
universe. Botanically, there is a very clear line between
not-a-name and a "name" (a scientific name).

Nevertheless there was an explicit Note added (at the
1999 Congress, on the proposal of Veldkamp and Sosef)
that such "isonyms" don't exist (now Art. 6 Note 2, in the
Vienna Code).


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