[Taxacom] Online taxonomy meeting at the Linnean Society of London, 20 September 2012

Pat LaFollette pat at lafollette.com
Mon Jun 18 21:38:18 CDT 2012

At first reading, I visualized the meeting itself being held online 
(though I suppose that would make serving tea at the breaks a bit 
more difficult).


At 03:40 AM 6/18/2012, Ian Kitching wrote:
>Is the Internet really making taxonomic information more accessible to
>its many actual or potential users? Certainly much effort is being made
>to put such content online, but how effective are we in achieving this
>end? This one-day meeting, with its line-up of international speakers,
>aims to provide an update on progress. It will feature a number of
>substantive online taxonomy initiatives and a critical review of the
>current position. The meeting will address the question of whether
>users' needs are being met and will conclude with a talk (also serving
>as an Evening Lecture) on the use of informatics in related disciplines.
>The event should appeal to all producers and users of taxonomic data.
>For the programme and registration form see:
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