[Taxacom] ID requested Asteraceae Curacao

Andre van Proosdij andrevanproosdij at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 19 09:24:09 CDT 2012

Dear colleagues,

For the past few months we have tried to identify this Asteraceae from Curaçao. So far, without any luck. As the new flora for this area is about to go to print, I kindly ask your help in identifying the specimen.

The plants grow about 1 m tall, leaves are opposite in the lower part, but alternate in the upper parts. Flower heads approx. 1,5 cm in diameter; ray flowers 5-7, yellow; tube flowers 15-25, yellow; fruits each with 1 blunt tooth.

The online scan of the herbarium voucher can be found here: http://vstbol.leidenuniv.nl/nhn/search?principalcollector=bos%2c+a.+van+den&exactmatch=true&view=images  (loading might take a few seconds longer depending on your browser)

If needed, I can send high res pictures of the flower head and the seeds, but I dont want to jam everyones mailbox.

Looking foward to read your thoughts about the identity!



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