[Taxacom] Rio+20 (was LSID versus names / Rio+20)

Bob Mesibov mesibov at southcom.com.au
Thu Jun 21 18:57:13 CDT 2012

Hi, Stephen.

"Having said that, I expect that there will be little or no detectable biodiversity loss in Tasmania over the next 50 years..."

Interesting you say that. That's the subject of an expensive, multi-expert process going on within our conservation bureaucracy. You could save Tasmania a lot of money if you could convince them our threatened species list is a fantasy.

"so, if you are serious about "salvage", perhaps you should consider moving to somewhere more tropical ..."

My wife and I salvage closer to home, in the agricultural parts of Victoria and New South Wales. We did a major trip last September in the Riverina district. Center yourself at -35.6101 146.4609 in Google Earth, zoom out slowly and see if you can spot the pathetically few remnants we salvaged.
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