[Taxacom] FW: printing labels for -80C freezer vials

Peter Oboyski pt_oboyski at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 29 14:41:08 CDT 2012

Anybody out there have experience or advice regarding printing labels for vials stored in a -80 C freezer?
I want to print 2D barcodes (datamatrix + human readable text) to put on vials of specimens and/or extractions.
Will laser printer text come off the label in a -80 (especially if there is ice buildup on the vials)?
Are ink jet printed labels sharp enough for small 2D barcodes?
Is thermal transfer better?
What about sticky label paper? 
Of course the labels must be able to stick at -80 to plastic vials.
I am looking through Fisher Scientific's option now.
Any recommendations for or against a particular system?


Peter T Oboyski, PhD
Essig Museum of Entomology
University of California, Berkeley


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