[Taxacom] Only two weeks left to apply for the Bernhard Rensch Prize of the Society of Biological Systematics

Uwe Fritz Uwe.Fritz at senckenberg.de
Thu Nov 1 04:34:41 CDT 2012

The Bernhard Rensch Prize is being awarded annually by the Society of
Biological Systematics (GfBS, Germany) to a young scientist who has
demonstrated exceptional work in any area of biological systematics. The
award was launched by the GfBS according to a suggestion by the late
Prof. Dr. Ernst Mayr, an honorary member of the GfBS, who also helped
underwrite the endowment for the prize with a generous contribution. The
prize honours the lifelong work of Bernhard Rensch, one of the founders
of the 'New Systematics'. All applications must be received by 15
November 2012.
For details see:
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